French Saturdays

As the company I work for is French, I’ve had the delightful pleasures of tasting some wonderful French creations like the Christmas ‘Buche de Noel’ (aka Yule log cake) & recently the ‘Galette des Rois’ (aka the ‘Kings Cake’).

Inspired, I’ve been itching to make something French- albeit without the complicated recipes!

French toast it is!

I ended up making these today for G & surprised him by bringing it up the stairs in a serving tray for a special Valentine’s Saturdays 🙂

How to make:

Loaf of Bread- preferrably the ones you can cut yourself

Maple syrup.

2 cups of milk
6 eggs
1 teaspoon of cinammon
1/4 cup of soft brown sugar (up to you really)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1.Cut bread into 1 inch pieces

2.Spread some butter on the bread.

3. Whisk the mix (above) Tip: use a flat food container so you can store in fridge if you have some leftover.

4.The soak bread in there front & back. Let the mix seep into bread a little but not too soggy.

5. Then place into a hot pan! Serve with syrup! Voila!




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