This Friday

While this weekend is the highly & commercially anticipated Valentine’s Day, (or not to some)
I am very much looking forward to have a nice night in with our family & friends. We have recently become homebodies in an effort to save money- and partly because of the creeping fact that we are getting too old to party out, so instead, we opt for some nice beers & bottles of wine, accompanied with cheese, crackers & dips! Then I usually light some candles around the living room, sit back & enjoy the Sochi games! (Since it’s Valentine’s Day Friday, maybe a slasher movie instead? hehe)

I have also started to incorporate ‘Youtube’ into our mini soiree where we take turns to request Youtube music video clips to be played on the Tivo through our phone. (Credits to my dear friend Coco for introducing this fun way to enjoy a night in)

I’d like to know what you guys like to do on a night in?


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