Nightly Ritual

I’m quite lazy when it comes to skincare, so in an effort to create new habits for this new year, I have resorted to placing my creams on my bedside table, so that I would use it just right before bed.

Oh, by creams, I meant, foot cream, eye cream & hand cream. Yep. (awkward)

The soles on my feet are so neglected, they are starting to crack! Gross I know. The term for this in my mother tongue is called “Kapal Pecah” (broken ship). And also the back of my palms are looking similarly ragged. I read in a magazine once that, you could tell a womans age just from looking at her hands! The thought gave me shivers. Though I slap on plenty of face cream, I forget about the rest of my body :S Last but not the least, eye cream!

What are your nightly rituals?


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