Sunflower Field

Ok, I really hate to admit this, but I am such a square nowadays.

I am always pre-occupied with thoughts of what I am obligated to do TOMORROW, that I forget to enjoy today & make the most of this beautiful summer weather happening in Melbourne! (where the days are longer!)

I always think, “I have to wake up early tomorrow for this errand, I have to meet so & so, I have so much laundry to do, have to go home to cook dinner etc”, that I don’t end up doing ‘new’ things or spending more time out! I constantly re-neg on meeting friends for coffee or taking a walk etc… Ironically, I ALWAYS complain that I don’t do enough new things outdoors!

Yesterday after work was an absolute delight & something out of the ordinary for G & I. Many thanks to my dear friend David Portelli who shared this beautiful spot with us! I discovered the fields through his Instagram profile & he shared the location of the spot & Voila!~ Such a nice place to see after a robotic day at work!

A small acre of Sunflowers growing amidst the construction sites.


IMG_0573_副本_旋转 img_0579_副本_旋转 img_0583_副本_旋转



I’m not sure how long this will be here, so you should check it out!

End of Alfred St, North Melbourne toward the freeway!

This was taken around 6:30PM on a Friday so the air was slightly cool but sunny. There were hardly anyone there- which is a good thing! (unlike the Tulip Farm where you are bound to have someone photobomb your shots!)


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