Wei Wei

I first acknowledged her name while looking through Lavandula farm’s website.

What first got my interest was that, instead of a website, she had a blog called ‘A Weiding’, and that she writes about each couple she does photos for. Her quirky sense of humour and those beautiful & enigmatic photos she took of people & nature, made me gravitate towards wanting to know her more…

Her wedding shots are simple but beautiful & ‘clean’..it really reflects (as mushy as this sounds) the pureness of love between the couples, complimented with soft tones & hints of that “mellow, vintage, retro drama” I was looking so hard for. Candid, secretive & endless creative angles is her forte with great attention to little details of this & that of the wedding. It really fitted our style of photography theme. We wanted our photos not just to reflect the ‘typical’ poses, but to reflect our persona too!

After a bit of correspondence through email & Whatsapp, we finally met at her cute little Polaroid Gallery over at 374 Mile Lane
Parkville, 3052. “A brick & mortar shop” as Gary described it at their website Film Never Die. Inside was an impressive collection (more of a shrine) of vintage Polaroid cameras with many candid Polaroids films adorning the brick wall. Wei2 was instantly warm, friendly & super inquisitive about how Graham & I met. Truthfully, at the beginning, I thought “She must’ve heard tons of this mushy ‘how we first met’ stories, she probably couldn’t be bothered to listen to ours!” so I held back a little. But she surprised me as she relentlessly asked this & that whilst jotting down notes in her diary. After a bit more playful banter, Graham & I felt as though we were already long term friends of Wei2 & Gary. Best of all, we were able to see the results of her work first hand & knowing with much assurance that we have met the photographer & what we see is what we are getting.


After a couple of weeks of meeting other photographers (and agencies), we could not help but compare them to Wei2. Some did photography in the style that weren’t us, some of them were set at ridiculous prices and some of them just had no clue how to personalize a meeting & was pretty much a massive sales pitch. Wei2 had set such a high benchmark for us it became hard to find anyone else we liked or have that ‘connection’ with- it was really the overall personalized experience we had with Wei2 & Gary. There was no formalities with them which eliminated the ‘awkwardness’ of things. It was really just a “Hello, I’m Wei2 , that’s Gary, nice to meet you”, made ourselves comfortable inside their gallery, chatted & joked half the time about each other, elaborated how G & I met & what we were planning for our wedding etc. Then we also got to know how Wei2 & Gary met (they are partners & lovers, husband & wife) their business partner & their dog Hedy the Kelpie.

Today I made the call to Wei2 & decided to ‘scare’ her a bit. LOL. I started off with “Hi Wei2, just making a courtesy call to say…….we have decided NOT to use…. ___ & instead to go with YOU!” That was a bit of a laugh for us. She was like “OMG!!!” and the rest was history.

Check her out. Her name is Wei Wei!


*This photo belongs to Wei Wei from her website/blog here.

p.s I wonder how she feels being written about instead of the one writing this time 🙂

One thought on “Wei Wei

  1. Wow you are making me cry Elle! Yes I think this was the first time someone wrote an article about me and everything good about Wei Wei haha!

    You and Graham are so awesome! I enjoy making you guys laugh haha!
    I agree that we already sound like long term friends!

    Yes you almost scared me! But I am really so thankful to be blessed with clients as nice as you and Graham 😀 THANK YOU for choosing me, and THANK YOU for writing about us.

    Wei Wei from Aweiding

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