I will most likely never get to wear the infamous Red Valentino Lace dress in my life because I can’t afford it. Yet, even if I own one of those dresses, I would need an extremely special event to wear it to- which again seems unlikely since I don’t attend any Galas or Charity Balls etc.

The only one event which I can wear something close to my dream Red Valentino Lace dress, is my wedding- during the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony! (In a style of a Qipao of course)

Here is a little sneak peek.
There is just something timeless, elegant & alluring about the Qipao. It really reminds me of the opulent & extravagant age from the 1920s-30s in Shanghai. Seeing these beautiful Chinese women of that era dress in more modern & ‘daring’ outfits & hairstyles – yet still keeping to the silhoutte of the Qipao, is absolutely ravishing to me.

I got my dress from which is a Chinese Super Website- like an Ebay! Fortunately, it didn’t cost me an arm & leg like the Red Valentino dresses I fantasize in vain about. Unfortunately, they do not ship overseas & you need a Chinese bank account etc.. BUT, there are lots of ‘middle-men’ agencies which you can sign up with, and they do all the work for you! Translations with the Seller, money transfers, the shipping etc. Do however practise extreme precaution while dealing with some of these agencies as it is not all are legit.20140117-173016.jpg

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