Hi Guys!

How was your Christmas break & New Years Celebration? Did you have a massive party or a quiet one like I did? 😉

For Christmas, I spent it with G’s family (since mine are in Jakarta) by having Yum Cha, and then a nice dinner & closing off with Anchorman movie in Crown. For Boxing day, we all went to Venus Bay to enjoy the sun whilst catching Pipis. Then the break in between me & a group of friends camped at 90 Mile Beach – we had the beach as our ‘private’ backyard hehe, literally!! For NYE, I worked at the family restaurant & then headed over to join our friends for a suburban backyard BBQ. Pretty chilled right? 🙂


It has been about 2 weeks since the New Year- have you done anything different this time? What are your resolutions this year? Or none at all? 🙂

For me, I have decided to break up my resolutions into a month-by-month basis. I hope it will work better this way than deciding in one go, and then neglecting it as the year progresses. Some of my resolutions include to stop smoking completely, sleep earlier & do much more charitable work as possible. For example, I recently Sponsored a Child – ‘Davite’ from Malawi, through World Vision. 🙂 I think this is one of the most simplest things to do, yet so fulfilling & gratifying. I was being debited more than $60AUD per month for a gym membership that I hardly used, so I used it for a much better purpose for less than $40AUD per month. Plus, I had always wanted to do it. ( I actually wrote this as a resolution 3 years in a row!) I guess it’s rather late than never!

Someone once told me that ‘A good deed erases a bad one’ & truthfully, there were many things I had done in the past which I have regretted. So, this is the least I can do to believe that I am doing something small, but right. 🙂


I had a look through my 2013 organiser & these were the things I did for the first time last year.

1. Participated in Tough Mudder in Phillip Island

2. Camping

3. After being in Melbourne since 2002, 2013 was the first year & FIRST time I ever went to the Melbourne show.

4. Saw Pez & ILLY, Jack Johnson, Remi, Oddisee & Sander van Doorn live

5. Had a Birthday Halloween dinner at Misty’s Diner (was on one of my list of things-to-do)

6. Wall Climbing

7. Owned my first Snowboard

8. Surfed

9. Held an orphaned baby lamb

10. Watched a musical – King Kong

11. (this is a bit embarrassing.) Drove to the airport- BY MYSELF for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!! This is a BIG deal to me & to those who know me well 🙂 LOL

So… when was the last time you did something for the first time?


2014, this year is an important year for me …. I am ready to fill in the blanks & each day with a new encounter!

I want to start filling up this blog again with more posts of random things that makes me smile 🙂 I’ll put this down as another one of my resolutions hehe

Events, food, fashion, photographs, achievements, aspirations, animal cuteness, DIY- anything! 🙂



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