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Having recently attended 2 weddings this year, I thought I’d write my own version of what to wear & what NOT to wear to a wedding.

1) White or no White?

Unless specified as a theme by the Bride & Groom, only the bride should wear white to the wedding.

2) Upstaging

Its definitely brownie points when you make the effort to look fancy when attending a wedding, but again, unless specified as a theme by the Bride & Groom (e.g 1920s Gatsby glamour, or black tie) avoid wearing ‘over the top’ outfits like head to toe ‘sequinned dress’ or usually in Asian weddings, avoid wearing crimson red (as this is the colour for the Bride in Chinese Culture) Usually, checking out the venue on Google will also help in determining the dress code. E.g, if the invite specified formal, however it is held in backyard barn with a country chic feel, then you can perhaps dress ‘cocktail’ formal.

3) Show me ‘some’ skin

Be demure sexy, not SLUT sexy. Use your discretion wear a balanced outfit. Décolletage showing or strapless dresses will be nice if it is long. Not strapless & short at the same time – unless you wear it with a nice dressy blazer or a shawl (think of the spring races). Dresses with sleeves or cap sleeves, will be nice slightly shorter. Try to avoid showing your hooters off with a plunging neckline & similarly with dresses that will show your butt cheeks every time you bend down. I’ve seen girls dressed like they are going Clubbing to a wedding & this is not a good look.

4) NO DENIM, T-Shirts, Leather Jackets, Polos or Sports Shoes – Nuff said

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