I LOVE Etsy! I think Etsy is the new Ebay…I think Etsy is BETTER than Ebay… OOooo

Anyway, so you want to get something cute & unique & that is easy on your wallet? CBF going to the mall amidst the pushy crowd? No time? Well, all just at the tip of your fingers!

Why not buy something from Etsy? Support the small businesses!

Think of Etsy as the more ‘hipster’ & ‘indie’ version of Ebay! Best thing is that most of the time, they can customise your order too & they are mostly handmade goods!

My picks for this Christmas as gift ideas! (Unisex)

(Click on picture & it will take you to that page!)

Mini DIY Cheese Kit! (for cheese lovers)


Wishbone Necklace (Ladies or Mens)

il_570xN.516414836_d3g7 il_570xN.516414842_rx2f

Invited to a Christmas dinner? Need to bring something?

What about this! Personally loving this because G & I are obsessed with cheese now hehe. Most people already have that ‘cheese cutting board & serving knifes’ – BUT do they have ‘Cheese Markers?’ Hehe this & perhaps a bottle of red!



No… I meant Chill Pills lol

il_570xN.356245737_1o0iOrganic Spa Gift Set


Have a group of friends, or co-workers that you would like give favours to?

Scented Candles


Hope you guys find something at Etsy!

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