I’m very much a fan of Erika Sawajiri & had always wanted to watch this movie of hers ‘Helter Skelter’…but I  guess the combination of being CBF & the difficulty (wait, more like impossibility) of finding a version with english subtitles made me procrastinate more.. So here I am groggy from painkillers in bed, on a damn saturday night, having to retype many words over & over again (because the pills I took are nagging me to sleep) that I finally decided to watch the damn thing in its glorious mother tongue- Japanese. (kudos to youtube)


Erika Sawajiri aka Lilico is a FANTASTIC actress!! (And all you hentais who have fantasized about her since 1 Litre tears will finally get to see her boobies ok- and her doing other sexual stuff..)

Nonetheless, it is a dark imagery & stark reminder that these things happen to so many of those inspired & ambitious enough to STAY in the spotlight, where it’s the exterior that counts! (Think Charice Pempengco) Once you are up there, the downward spiral is unfortunately, always tragic…there is always someone younger, fresher, more talented or merely someone else better in bed to replace you. On the other hand, this movie brings up another social issue- the juxtaposition of ‘school girls’ & fans ousting celebs with plastic surgery as ‘fakes’ from magazines & TV, yet thrive from different kinds of make-ups to make themselves look good too. When I was in Japan, there was a 7 storey building selling just make up! Aside from the double eyelid craze, there was the ‘puffy’ under eye phase & the ‘vampire’ teeth craze more popularly known as ‘Yaeba’. I’m serious!! Google it!

Let’s not forget that not too long ago, there was a similar Korean movie hit called ‘200 pound beauty

I guess being a superstar you need to always ‘re-invent’ yourself, whether you like it or not -sell out or non sell out (think Jewel, Nelly Furtado etc), or you’re just going to be another one of those ‘one hit wonders’. And that’s why I don’t mind Miley twerking her way 🙂 Sure its not the PG rated twerk (is there even such a thing) but she finds that his is her way to finally express a big F*CK you to her old bounded contract of being Hannah Montana, so be it.


Finally! The movie with English Subs!


Any thoughts?

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