The next pieces I have is your ‘less orthodox’ type of work clothes.The trench coat is a classic, timeless piece- I have no problems ever throwing this on over any of my work clothes whether it is a dress, a shirt over pants, or blouse over skirt. Even over some nice blue jeans & ankle boots, the trench never fails to make a look sophisticated & effortless chic- similarly with the black blazer!Finally, everyone needs that Little Black Dress. I absolutely think that this is every girls wardrobe staple. The quote “Whenever in doubt, wear black” has become my motto. The black dress can be worn to work, to a dinner….and as much as it is odd to say, to a funeral. It is so malleable, you can change your whole look by using different types of accessories to complement the theme of your destination 🙂

For example, a belt for work, and if you are going to dinner straight after, you can add a nice necklace. Wear a black Blazer over the dress to look more professional or the trench coat to look à la mode de Paris.

Burberry trenchcoat

Pocket jacket

J Brand slim jeans
$1,370 –

Ankle strap sandals

Nicholas metal skinny belt
$110 –

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