Hi Guys,

Today I, will be writing a post on Elle’s behalf 😉 If you don’t know who I am, well, I am Elle’s younger sister Delinda & I’ll be turning 18 this year in December. (Hence my name De-Linda)

I guess I’ll start off with a brief summary of my life. I am the youngest in my family with 4 older sisters. Elle is 8 years older than me. I moved from Jakarta to live with Elle and Mimi here in Melbourne about 2 years ago to continue my studies- I am currently finishing Year 12. Lets just say that life… has been awesome here in Melbourne (aside from the fact that I miss my Indo friends)

I grew up very sheltered- you can almost call me…a ‘bubble baby’… and some may say that I was quite spoilt. I grew up in Indo with the privilege of having a nanny & handful of maids cooking me food, doing all the cleaning and laundry for me. Public transport was out of the question in Jakarta, so I would get driven me everywhere I go- nonetheless, I was not allowed to go out much anyway. You guys probably think that it must be awesome living that way.. but for me, it felt like I had no independence or sense of freedom, All I did everyday after school was lounge in my room & watch movies or go on the internet basically. Outside my small circle of friends in school, I was shy & I never went into a shop without my mom choosing something for me – regardless if I liked it or not.

After my Mom went through much convincing (and some arguments/debates with my older sisters lol), I was finally allowed to move to Melbourne. Elle & Mimi became my legal guardians. I learnt to cook, clean, do my own laundry and I even got a job! For once in my life, it felt good to do things for myself & by myself… I felt ‘free’ because I can catch a bus and go out with my friends whenever I want, buy things from the money I earned myself & best of all, no parents to tell me what to do or buy me things I don’t want. (aside from the occasional lectures from my sisters) I do however, miss my mom’s cooking & my dads jokes.

It’s fun & pleasant living with Elle and Mimi. Because of their age, they are always very understanding in what I am going through- socially & personally ( the awkward teenage years lol) And when the 3 of us are together, we have the weirdest/randomest influence on each other. Like one time when we went out to Coles for groceries…we ended up coming home with something else- e.g Luna the Ragdoll kitten!

Overall, Mimi and Elle are very different.. Mimi is more of the motherly type. On the weekends, Mimi and I spend our time together baking desserts & pastries. She cooks dinner most of the time for all of us and I have no qualms with sharing my secrets with her.

Elle on the other hand, she & I have this love and hate relationship… One moment we will hate each others guts…and other times we could spend a whole day sharing goss hehe. She’s the sister I would go to for fashion advice, and vent to if I feel upset…She would lecture me on things Mimi could not. Elle is the one who helped me with my deb as well as formal for school. In a sense, Mimi is the good cop & Elle is the bad cop haha.

I’d love to tell you more…but till then… to be continued 🙂


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