Hi guys!

This is one of those super random posts I just felt the need to write about.

Here I am chilling at home on a ‘lazy Sunday’ & I started to think about all these other stuff I like to do that has elements of my kind of Sunday…yea…don’t know if you get me on that haha

So… I love shopping…just not in that traditional go-into-shops anymore. I don’t like to have to look for parking, wait in line to try on clothes or the queue when you want to pay for something. I don’t like the judgemental sales assistants who give their un-needed 2 cents & I don’t like carrying the goodies around. Anyway- I blame it on my age haha. So I always resort to shop online because cost is cheaper, I get to shop at odd hours of the day & I know the stuff from overseas are unique & the chance of having someone wear the same item is highly unlikely.

But when I do go out to shop, one of my fave places is the GPO.Only because it is always so serene & quiet in there with little nooks, corners & great boutiques (ACNE included). As soon as you enter, there is just this almost obligatory sense of husshhhhh 🙂 *thumbs up

Anyway, for those of you who are not Melburnians, the GPO stands for General Post Office located corner of Bourke & Elizabeth st in the CBD. In a nutshell, it’s an old heritage Melbourne building used as a mail sorting space back in the day.


Now, it’s a small fashion hub & there is even a space for a nightclub in there.


I enjoy going into the boutiques & listen to their soft music while shopping (none of that Rihanna/ Nicki Minaj doof doof music like in Chaddy). The bright sunny interior of each shop really reminds me of lazy Sundays in summer where I just like to sit quietly in the backyard listening to music & drink a nice cold brewski or Riekordelic for some reason..weird right? haha

You guys should really check this place out. My favourite shops to browse around in are: ACNE, ANAESSIA, WILLOW, FLEUR WOOD, MANNING CARTELL & many more..

Oh yea, one last thing… for my perfect lazy Sunday, I like to pop on Burberry Acoustic while chilling.. 🙂

Here is the Youtube playlist link starting at song 1.

P.S Don’t forget to check out my Tumblr for closet clearances! 🙂

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