Came across these shots from my sisters wedding in 2011.

Not your typical ”photobooth” (photos-in-a-booth), but we used a remote that takes the photo for us when we are ready! (Unlimited photos too!)

Check out Alvin Wong Photography for this service (props provided!)

301956_10150472049101974_556123321_n_副本 302357_10150472057606974_1759138998_n_副本 304252_10150472024001974_324584730_n_副本 309086_10150472044721974_57797548_n_副本 309673_10150472047021974_593810096_n_副本 311396_10150472034681974_2135664363_n_副本 311813_10150472024516974_1182886206_n_副本 311944_10150472042036974_185483008_n_副本 313272_10150472073031974_262604717_n_副本 374752_10150472030236974_543432889_n_副本 376404_10150472035176974_980521636_n 376882_10150472029866974_815450936_n_副本 377747_10150472057241974_2043126772_n_副本 385127_10150472042351974_1859628676_n 388176_10150472023741974_1027123570_n_副本 390836_10150472042631974_581854105_n 391572_10150472043921974_1837997984_n_副本

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