Bear Grylls Won’t Like This

I was never a camping type of girl…I don’t think I have become one either after my first ever camping trip. (note previous collage of photos)

Nonetheless, it definitely was one of the most memorable weekends of my life- well the parts I remembered anyway.

So, if you have a group of friends -preferably with males in them, you all should try it too.

What can I say? It’s the perfect place to let loose. We did. I think even the Blair Witch was scared of us. There this elating sense of being ‘lawless’ in the peace of the wild. You can scream, shout, play music, set fires (bonfires that is) break bottles, hurl, vomit & pass out without being kicked out like at a bar/club, hated by your neighbours for making noise, feel awkward for breaking your friends parents furniture at their house, or worse, caught by police for being ‘drunk in public’  (ps…I know someone who did on my 23rd Halloween birthday bash lol)

We went to Lake Eildon camp site where you can ‘rent’ different areas- ours being conveniently close to the toilets & the lake.

As it was my first time, I even youtubed ‘Tips for Camping’ & googled ‘What I need to bring to camp’

Even after being so carefully prepared, we were still not prepared lol.

So…making this blog post, will hopefully help you all first timers & those who are not very DIY like Bear Grylls have an even better time than us by being more prepared lol.

What you need (& what we bought & should have bought more of)

1) Tent. We got ours from Kathmandu online which was cheaper than in store! They have sales on too. If you are not great with setting these up, try pop up tents! Click here

2) Blow up mattress. Ours was a Queen size one from Aussie Disposal. You can also buy the air pump there.

3) Sleeping Bags. Got mine from Aussie Disposal again. It was awesome, came with a pillow & a mini torch 🙂 On sale for about $70AUD. Click here

Better yet, if you want the whole lot, Aussie disposals sell a set online! Click here. AKA known as  ‘Summer Festival survival packages’ lol

4) Eski- regular size ones, bring 2-3. Or you can buy the massive ones that have wheelies from Kmart. 70L ones I think. This is to store all your food with ice & beers

5) Bug Spray & Citronellas (smoke ones not the candles). Get Bushmans brand for sprays definitely. I think Aeroguard lost to them.

6) Cooking stuff ranging from mini stove gas burners (like those we use for hotpots at home), lots of butane gas cans (for 2 nights, 3 days, I used up 4 cans), pans & a billy can. Definitely get metal cutlery which comes in sets stuck together. Those plastic disposal ones were shit. Oh yeah, plates & mugs.

7) Baby wipes. BUY STACKS. Since water is limited. These are handy to wipe your hands, face or… other places

8) 3x 10L water (for 2 nights). We completely underestimated our use of water. Our group which consisted mainly of couples, each bought a 10L water bottle (well most of us anyway). But we started using it to wash our hands, wash the dishes, etc… so we ran out of water & the boys had to haul ass getting water from the lake & boil them in our billies. :/

9) Thermos- for coffee or just to rinse our dirty plates & pans with hot water

10) LOADS OF ALCOHOL. Sadly we kinda ran out of beer & chasers… & resorting to just shots were terrible. Combined with other stuff…. yeah now you can imagine why Blair Witch or other perverted murderers don’t want to come near us

11) Garden solar lights (better if they change colours). These were super handy!! When we need to drive out in the night & back, we could spot our campsite entrace….. as well as spot where our peeing area was.. yuck. Bought mine for $2 each from Kmart.

12) Good clothing. Cold at night, hot in the afternoon. Think hoodies, gumboots, tight leggings & high socks. You don’t want creepy crawlies climbing up there right?

13) Hammers & hatchets (for wood for the bonfire etc)

BTW, This actually happened to us.

So… hope this prepped you guys a bit hehe 🙂 Anymore suggestions, please add in!


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