air-jordan-xi-bred-release-dateI was extremely surprised when GT gave these to me.

I’ve wanted these babies & I knew they were popular, but I didn’t realise the extend & severity of their demand. In the US, customers have died from fighting to being robbed for getting these. Hundreds to thousands all over the world have lined up overnight to get a hand on these shoes…Click here for one of the news.

Phew! Thank God I live in Australia- although paranoia did get the better of me when I was wearing this in a lonely train carriage en route to the city.

You know that feeling when your first car didn’t turn out to be a bomb? Well, I have to say that having Bred 11s as my very first Jordan kicks, certainly feel like I’m driving a Ferrari as my first car.

Thanks Babe, you always know how to make me smile 😉


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