Back to the Future

Hi Guys!

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to attend two 80s themed parties- a theme I never actually made an attempt at before until now hehe.

The look I chose was inspired by Robin Sparkles- more well known as Robin from the hit TV series ‘How I Met Your Mother’. During her pre-teens in early 80s, Robin was a child actress/ pop idol in Canada, Robin Sparkles! Watch her hilarious mock pop video clip ‘Lets Go to the Mall’ haha or ‘The Beaver Song’.




Then the other part of my look was also inspired by Madonna, during her ‘Like a Virgin/Boy Toy/Papa Don’t Preach days’ days in the 80s.



So, instead of buying a whole outfit from Ebay, all I spent for this look was about $2+ AUD to buy a sash for my hair from Lincraft. The rest, I just pulled out random stuff from my closet. Surprisingly, there are so much in there that can really pull off any 80s look.

The 80s was the ‘rebellious’ era. People dressed in a whole mix of fashion that don’t really make sense or particularly ‘match’ – and that was the whole point & idea of ‘rebelling’, to wear non-conformist clothing (very much to the idea of being an indie hipster nowadays hehe) So, I went for a look that had mismatching colours & patterns, complete with netted leggings, crazy as big & chunky accessories.

The first party, this was how I turned out.. I think I kinda look like a Groupie haha. Below is also a pic of me & Slash.



I wore my favourite UNIF ‘Americano’ Denim Jacket- which was great all more because of the American flag print at the back of the jacket. I accessorized with big plastic bangles, pearls & religious necklaces ala Madonna (which I already have alot of before this party came up anyway) Pulled out my work stockings & an old black lacy dress I bought online from Anarchy St a while back. Then I wore my Graffiti print Pigalles from Christian Louboutin. Last but not least, I wore the lace gloves which I had from my 21st birthday party (like 4 years ago haha good thing I never threw them out- they are also nice to wear to weddings) & completed the look with a pink glittery sash. So the look is actually quite simple to come up with. Then all I had to do was curl my hair into tight rolls & buffed it up with heaps of hairspray to add volume (I don’t have a crimper) With make-up, I literally Googled ’80s make-up’ & found this.

I copied with the blue metallic eye shadow, bright fuschia pink lip stick & went overboard with the blush taking note to make it ‘sharp’ around the cheek bones. Then I topped it off with silver glitter eye shadow too.


The 2nd party,

I wore the same Jacket, same sash, same accessories, same stockings, sans gloves & instead of a black lace dress, I wore a White Tee & tucked it in a floral skirt, which really made it more Robin-ish than Madonna.. IMG_8829

So….. for 80s look, you can make it work, by ‘not making it work’ hahaha.

All you need:

1) Something Denim- jeans, shorts, jacket or denim shirt. If you combine the 2 together top & bottom, even better

2) Hair Scrunchie or Sash- the bolder, uglier, metallic or glittery the better

3) Fishnet, or Tie-Dye or whatever-pattern-makes-you-want-to-puke. Or you can just wear gym type of leggings & go as a ‘Lets get Physical girl’

4) Gloves- but not neccessary

5) Leather- so you can borrow your boyfriends, or parents oversized leather jacket & wear something itty bitty underneath.

6) Waist High tight pants, like what Olivia wore in Grease. (Most likely you have to buy these. The rest of the stuff above you can find from old parents junk I guess or things from your childhood)

Some of the stuff I already own, I can use again for an 80s themed party, such as these hahahah LOL 😀


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