Hi guys!

Ok it’s 10 more days to Christmas!

Have you guys got your shopping/Christmas presents organized yet?!

I have compiled a list of things & websites here that I reckon will make great gifts 🙂 & NOPE not pricy at all! All are under $50, some even under $20!

Check out :

1) Urban Outfitters for great cute & unique gift ideas from the USA (low cost too) This is a good website to buy for hippie boys as well haha

My Favourites:


& these!!


(Click on to picture to go to page!)

2) For those with family or girlfriends (or guyfriends) who love beauty products, check out


My favourite (which also happen to ship FREE) $50!




(Click on picture to go to page)

3) For those who can’t be bothered waiting around for the mail & risking that it may not come on time, head down to Sportsgirls & pick out their cute little accessories & make up! I have compiled a little kit for my friends with nail polishes & make-up. They are also having a sale at the moment!

Here, you can check out what they have: Sportsgirl

My favourites are:

my sportsgirl nail polish 2

4) For those funny home wares or random funny gifts (e.g great for work friends for example) you can check out Typo! You can check out their cute funny products here (For those Aussies, you can also pop into their store- they are having a massive sale)

My Favourite from there are their X-Mas cards & Bags for gifts!


(Click on picture to go to page)

5) I LOVE their stuff…buy stationary from Kikki.K!

My favourite from there:


6) Last but not least, the Body Shop! My favourites from there are their ‘Sweet Tooth’ gift sets.


(Click on picture to go to page)

Ok… so this is just a quick compilation.. I hope these help somehow!

Have a Merry X-Mas 2012 guys & a Happy New Year!!

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