Almost everything I wore here is kind of old- aside from the boots & the sunglasses. Both the boots & the sunnies are from Japan (no brand) just from those small boutiques. Jacket is from UNIF ‘Americano’ (wish I took a photo of the back for you…it’s of an American flag print. You can see the jacket in this post) You can also Google that jacket & I’m sure you will find it online! I got mine from Urbanoutfitters. Carrying the obvious Balenciaga Bag, Leather high-waisted skirt from General Pants & a simple white tee inside.

You couldn’t tell from the picture, but this was taken when I was waiting for my long time friend Nikki to come & meet us in Harajuku. I met Nikki when she came to Melbourne in 2004 for an exchange program in my high school for like a week? Back then, there was no Facebook, so we would write letters to each other, old school pen pal style when she went back to Tokyo, then Vancouver etc…haha- no we didn’t write emails either. We would send pictures & cards to each other etc…so I was very pleased to see her again after all these years. Actually, I think I was just pleased to be in Japan in general 🙂

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