Nippon Take 2 //

Pictures were taken by my Sony NX5- some with Fish Eye lens

This photo is HILARIOUS. First, it was my double chin, then I realised the bloody bike seat made me look like I have a dick sticking out of my shorts! ROFL!!!!! Omg….

HAHAH I look evil here.. I was looking at a car passing by & Voila~ Nice shot huh

Being ‘attacked’ by the gangsters Sika Deers in Nara for the Sika biscuits (Sika Sembei) they are addicted to.

1) Pick your Sika deer

2) Bow to the Sika Deers & they will bow back 🙂

3) Feed them the Sika biscuits

4) Once you have finished. Stick out your bare hands like this & they will walk away. (or else they will follow you & nip your or butt you for more biscuits haha)

Kamameshi – One of Nara’s speciality dish

The Sika deers work like Gangster bullies for those Sika biscuits lol.

Nagashima Steel Dragon 2000- AWESOMEBALLSSS

SNAP* Love this kodak moment

Nice hotel, but the service VERY POOR- Kinda ruined the whole experience for us….. Do not go to this hotel.

Can I keep this bathroom?

Yum…Chilli Crab


The reason why I am moulting so much…over-tanning in Langkawi in Tanjung Rhu..

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