Hi everyone!

I’m stuck home feeling a little blue in my bed & so decided to look through all my old pics that I posted on Facebook or what not.

They brought back old memories along with some cringes, smiles & pop-up laughs.

It certainly did make me feel alot better- I’d like to call this Photo Therapy (as a fun poke to Retail Therapy)

So, here are some photos that I’d like to share with you 😉

So this picture was taken on G’s birthday this year at the club, Motel. Before this pic was taken, I was dancing with one of our friends who is notorious for being kinda ‘touchy feely’ when he is drunk, so after being awkwardly uncomfortable, I found G & gave him a massive hug as a defensive move I guess? lol And *snap! This pic was born!

This was taken last year when my whole family was here for my Sisters wedding. I was with my nephew Logan at the Melbourne Zoo. We were in a rush to look at the Giraffes!

This pic was taken circa 1994. The year before I left to study in Singapore. We actually celebrated my 7th birthday twice. This was the 2nd part of the celebration where all my neighbour friends & their families came. I was rocking a new pixie haircut (because my mom was obsessed with Demi Moore in Ghost at the time) & I was with my childhood neighbour/best friend who lives right next door 🙂 *loving those red coloured traditional Chinese eggs that my mom always made for my birthday.

This was taken at Roxanne Parlours ‘After Dark Social Club’ about 2-3 years ago. One of our official girls night out! We have never been to a ‘white night’ as a group before, so this happened to be THE night. We had crazy, drunk fun, in total disbelief that the drinks were SO much cheaper than the usual charged at the Asian Nights we go to. Everyone was super friendly & super ‘hype’ – & here in the picture, we were with the lovely Lachy who ran the night 🙂 After this night, we called our girl group (GNO)

This was back in 2009/2010 during exam period. We were all studying in the Uni after hours and a certain vending machine there was broken haha. Let’s just say we had a good night studying on Sugar 😉

Taken on Mt Beauty. I was so happy to finally feel what it’s like, to experience falling snow. I’ve seen snow when I was in China, but not like this 🙂

At Chapel St Tattoo. Taken early this year & let’s just say I wasn’t really in my right mind. I was feeling real psychedelic after my medication from my eye operation, so I just walked in there with G & got my infinity tat on my left rib cage. Thank goodness, I still love the tattoo & did not regret it one bit 🙂

LOL at my friend Drix in this photo. I looked at this today & burst out laughing (followed by some hyperventilations & coughs) This was during our summer weekend trip back in 2010 at Wye River. I was doing that Peter Russel ‘Dickhead’ pose (kinda) then after the shot, all the guys started laughing -which we realised because Drix’s pants were pulled down. Note how the other guys at the back were protectively trying to cover their jewels? lol Drix

At Blowfish in Jakarta, dancing on the Podium with my friends until I realised there was this random muscly dude that jumped up behind us & totally bombed our photo. We laughed after because we noticed he did not have any armpit hair?! And at the girls expression on the bottom left.

This was to celebrate the New Year 2010 when I was living in Sydney. We spent the whole night out, then decided to ditch the celebrations & sit by the beach to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was super cloudy, so we didn’t even get to see the Sun. I miss you guys ❤

This was in Hong Kong, I think in the bathroom at the club Dragon-i haha. Before this shot, Lorainne & I were kinda dancing in front of those mirrors you see in the background. We then later realised, they were 2 way mirrors! So whoever was sitting inside having a tinkle or a poop was probably cringing/laughing at us! *cringe!!!

Here we are in Sushi Tei in Sydney. We were talking about a certain mutual friend which I guess all 3 of us found hilarious hahaha W W W !! I just love this random shot where Eric was like “What?” and I was like “WHUT?!” & Jess was just laughing in the middle.

This was taken at the Melbourne Domestic Airport this New Years Eve. We missed our flight to Sydney (NEVER FLY TIGER AIR) but it was a blessing in disguise I guess hehe BECAUSE WE MET PEDRO WINTERS!!! aka Busy P- who coincidentally was one of the artists we wanted to see at Field Day in Sydney.

At Madison Square New York the first day (night) we landed. We stayed just around the corner from this, so it was hustle & bustle every night! I guess I could not hide my expression which was a mixture or hype, amazement, excitement & anticipation.

This was a night of pure luck! Me & G went to Venice Beach a little too late in the evening (did I mention the traffic is bad in LA?) So we missed seeing the colourful peoples you see in LMFAO video clip. (I’m sexy & I Know it) Wandered around & was told to go to this bar ‘Townhouse’ which was supposed to be the oldest bar in Venice leading up back to the day they were bootlegging or something. G & I were sitting there by the quiet bar & I ended up asking the guy next to me if it is custom that we tip the bartender everytime we buy a bottle a beer. He ended up being friends with the bartender ‘Fish’ & professionally is also the manager to their band ‘Gnarcotics’

We ended up going to their house in the hills & then to some random bar, ( I was shocked they only do Whisky shots- nothing like ABC or Chartreuse etc)They were so fun & lovely & let us crash at their house 🙂

This was in Nanjing China 2008 & my favourite travel pose- the ‘Jetstar’ move.

Haha at my friend on the left & right who looked like they were in the middle of doing a Macarena dance! Hahah notice that my shoes have fallen off mid-air.

 My poor friend A, who got hurt after a motorbike incident in Thailand. But (no pun intended) the guys on the other hand decided to cure his sorrows by a full moon party.

After a night out, I woke up the next morning, went into the bathroom & guess what I found? My friend’s heels which she had drunkenly left behind bahahaha. Not only that, when I went out & found 1 of my Havainas thong on the front yard. She must have worn them on the way home but left 1 pair on the grass when she was walking to her car.

Taken on New Years Eve 2012 in our hotel room in Sydney. I don’t know why T & Em are doing that Cross sign haha but we were all posing & pretending to be in Top Model.

Anyway, it is FRIDAY! So I hope that you guys have an awesome filled weekend! Stay out of the rain, wear thick although the sun is shining, wash your hands before you eat anything! xox

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