SO….I’ve been scratching my head for weeks trying to find the best way to describe the way I feel about GMC’s music…but I’ve decided that the best & fairest way to relay that, is to share his music with you. 🙂

Too often, the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of rap/hip hop or the street rap artists that are trying to make it, is the image that they are just wannabes who try to dress like Young Money & talk like Eminem would in a song.

While the successful rap artists indeed live an enviable lifestyle of partying with their entourage & have ‘swag’ , it does create a sense that being a rap or hip hop artist is somewhat shallow, frivolous and just about chicks with big tits & phat asses. I am eager to let the world know that rap & hip hop can also be smart, insightful and thought-provoking & of course- controversial. Like every other industry, there is the image it projects and the real deal that goes on behind closed doors.

And it saddens me so much that songs like Gangnam Style can get 75 million+ hits on YouTube when there are so much more depth, meaning, truth, heart & soul in music written by so many out there like GMC or even Hiatus Kaiyote!

Now with the digital & media revolution, music has become increasingly open for public scrutiny. We have YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud & many more- and ironically when everything becomes so commercially available & the music industry tougher to penetrate, the demand for ‘real’ material is getting higher rendering it more intriguing & enigmatic.Your support in this counts so much 🙂

Are you a fan of hip hop & rap? If so, please download GMC’s music 🙂

Give all 3 albums a listen to. Click here

Check out his videos here:

Turn up the bass & the volume in your car. Transfer it to your iPhones and listen to it the train, play it on the laptop when you are studying or working, play it in the Nike shoppes, or when you are chilling at home on the weekend 🙂

And ladies, Volume M is for you 😉

My favourite tracks from Volume G are: SCOM, Dreamkiller, Falling & Flying, Still Not an Asian, Autumn Leaves, It’s the IFA & Bad Boys.

My favourite tracks from Volume M are: Ice Breaker, I’m Ready, Lover Suffocation, When She Came Along, Wishing, Success, Miss Asia 2009.

My Favourite Tracks from Volume C are: Im B.A.C.K, Wonderwall, Boss Lady, Melbourne City, Unusual, Silhouette,

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