In my Bag

Hi All!

A while back, I did a small youtube clip with the same name. Now I’ve decided to blog about it instead hehe~ Just one of those random posts!

What is in my bag?

These are pretty much the items I carry everyday in my bag! If the bag is smaller, I carry everything else sans the Kikki K Organizer & the make-up pouch (with the make-up scattered everywhere in the bag haha) 🙂

So…the number 1 thing I need to have is of course my wallet. I am currently using a small Coach cardholder/ keychain from my best friend. I used to just use it as a car key holder, then it became a full fledged wallet just because the other ones I have became too big/thick for my bags. With this one it’s really savvy, easy to transfer from bag to bag regardless of size. Plus I don’t really carry cash, just my license, debit cards & coins! This is a good lesson guys because this year, G’s car was broken into & my bag was stolen. Luckily I got everything back! YES everything! (whew good karma right?!) I think the thief was after a quick buck but realised that there were only cards in the bag hehe (no credit card thank god!)

The no 2 must have item, is my make-up pouch. hehe I’m sure almost every girl bring some sort of make-up for touch up right? I bring these…which I consider not bad compared to what I have seen! 😛

So the current make-up I’m using are (from left to right):

Chanel ‘Les Tissage in Tweed’ blush. Eyebrow palette (my lifesaver- I once had to rock around with 1 shorter eyebrow than the other haha) YSL ‘Rouge Pur’ (which I use as blush as well if I don’t bring a powder blush), Lucas Paw Paw- no explanation needed, Maybelline Concealer (not bad, usually the YSL or Amazing Concealers are better. This is super handy for touch-ups & when you are meeting friends after a long day at work) & last, Chanel ‘Vitalumiere Eclat’ powder which comes with a small flat brush & sponge.

Aside from the main 2, I carry my little organiser from Kikki K which I LOVE! Not too expensive, really handy & pretty graphics! They make these every year, so I think it’ll make a pretty gift for a friend! :p

I bring a pen around…the current one I’m carrying is a Pink Swarovski one from G’s mom. 🙂

Then I’ve got a brush- when you have crazy long mane like mine…you need one = =”. Then last of all, I got this real cute Babushka Doll perfume stick from my sis which she got from the Face Shop. It smells like Ralph Lauren Blue & super handy! (Not expensive & they last for a whole day!)

All in all, I think what I carry is pretty modest? I’ve got friends who carry digital cameras, tissues, wet tissues, chargers, HUGE make-up bags, Portable mirror, foldable flats?! Jewellery pouches, cigarettes, perfume bottles, moisturizers….so yeah I think… I’m still ok haha

What have you got in your bag? 🙂

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