Streetheart Sweetheart #19

Hi All!

I recently submitted one of my looks to one of my favourite lifestyle/fashion blogs – Carte Blanche X

This is the ‘look’ I submitted.

A little background about the photo. This was taken by my lovely friend Sandra, at last year’s Melbourne Fashion Festival Week hosted by Harper’s Bazaar at Melbourne Docklands. I blogged about it here.

I chose this look because I think the actual style is fairly simple, but just amplified because of the prints of dress & the graffiti print shoes. Along with my trusty best bag, Australia’s one & only Alligator Burberry Prorsum Warrior bag. 🙂

I also chose to finish off the look with a peplum style blazer from CUE rather than a coat because the weather was nice & cool at the time & it will be easier to ‘wear’ when we went for drinks after.

I am also currently selling the dress on Facebook on ‘Melbourne Fashion Exchange’ group page! Click here!

So when I was selected to be featured as one of Carte Blanche X’s ‘Streetheart Sweetheart’ I felt really flattered, special & privileged! Thank you so much Carte Blanche X!

So guys, if you like my look, I would really love & appreciate your support in this!

Please click this link & like my look (#19) on their FB page! 🙂

Thank you thank you!


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