Mini Review: L’Oreal Sublime Mousse Hair Colour

Hi Everyone!

So….Recently I dyed my hair at a Salon & they kinda screwed it up : /

 I didn’t want to fork out same amount of money again at the salon to re-dye my hair again (since it’s super long) so off I went to the supermarkets to do it myself!

I ended up choosing the above product: L’Oreal Sublime Mousse- not sure how long it has been around but it definitely caught my eye! The packaging is attractive & so is the cost! It was under $20!! (Less than 10% of what it cost me to dye my hair at the Salon! :/ )

Another reason why I am attracted to it, is because, the ‘foam’ dye makes it easy for me to do it myself – back then when it was just the ‘brush & dye’ method, I had to get my sister to dye my hair for me to make sure the colour is even at the back (most of the time she gets quite annoyed when I ask her to do it because my hair is so long!) hehehe

Now I can do it on my own! I have to say I am quite impressed with it. The colour turned out nice & it was soo easy to use!

Tip: If your hair is as long as mine, I recommend 2 bottles for a richer colour! I concentrated too much on the bottom half of my hair that when I reached the crown, I almost ran out of dye!! But lesson learned guys! 🙂 Also it really helps if you got those flat ‘fish bone’ hair combs- the ones you use to tease your hair because you can coat your hair with even amount of foam 🙂 Just do this to the top/crown part of your hair! 🙂

Downside: I wish the body of the bottle is soft & squeezable for instant foam. Because the gloves get slippery, it becomes quite annoying when you have to hold the bottle & press the nozzle down (it slips out) You’ll understand my point once you use it


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