Sleepy June/July 2012


Hi everyone! Long time no speak!

(Well it’s really been me not blogging hehe)

I haven’t had much to blog about lately for this month & last because I’ve just been on the ‘downlow’ staying home & all & trying to save. Yes SAVE hehe

With our current economy & my current age (turning 25 this Halloween), this has been along overdue topic & something I used to avoid & cringe about- Hey! I’m being honest here.

Of course I occasionally go out to have that rare drink sessions with my friends (& those obligatory after work functions haha) but even so, I try to limit myself. For close friends birthdays, instead of a fancy gift or trying to go ‘baller style’ with overpriced shots at bars & clubs, I’d prefer to take them to dinner- have that nice intimate & private conversations for catching up as well.

For one of my best friends, I took her to eat Japanese at Maguro & bought her a Chanel Lipstick. Something small & sweet + loads of catching up. For my sister’s birthday, we went for a fun family dinner at Misty’s Diner + Giant Birthday Cupcake & 2 movie tickets for her to watch with my Brother in Law- they are using that to watch the Dark Knight.


It’s little things like these that made me really appreciate the value of money & ‘partying’ vs. time spent with loved ones & proper catching up.

Once I started saving & seeing how S.L.O.W.L.Y it is growing, I realised how senseless one could be to spend so recklessly. I know am stating the obvious & yes it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that, but I think the hedonist lifestyle had made me ignorant for a while. This is advise I hear all the time from my parents but I never really realise until you really REALLY do it- Save.

I’ve been trying to sell some of my clothes/shoes that I have bought in a *snap* on Facebook’s ‘Melbourne Fashion Exchange‘, but only to sell it for quarter of the RRP. My blogger friend Serina tweeted ” So easy to buy clothes, so hard to get rid of them”- words that have never been more true haha~ Anyway, enough about this topic hehe I can feel you guys yawning.

Aside from last month where I went to Akachochin to finally meet the lovely genius behind Peach-Water Food Blog (Jan) & Serina for the first time, & the past weekend where I went to Rainbow Karaoke for Lymmo’s (aka Ari Gold) birthday & Tuesday where I’ll be watching Batman in VMAX (RIP to the victims & families involved in the Colorado Theatre Shooting) June/July have been a sleepy month for me. I can’t wait for my parents to come down & we are all going to Falls Creek for the snow. This is where we will be staying ‘Dreamers Penthouse Apartments’ 🙂 Very Excited!

Then in October, I’ll be off to Japan & Singapore + either Langkawi or Krabi.

I want to finish this post with a belated birthday wish to Roshali & Lymmo 🙂

xox Elle

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