Peach Water & Phat Brats

Hi All!

It’s been a while since I did any reviews at all, so I’ll start this month with a mini review of a foodie blog ‘Peach-Water’ & Phat Brats.

I was googling ‘Dessert 1st’ in Springvale & her blog came up!

Read it & pretty much loved it. She is very straightforward (which I like) & she takes LOTS of pictures of the food so you can imagine what she is talking about. It also makes it easier for you to order from the menu in case you like what you see from her pics which helps ALOT hehe

Because of her enticing blog, I ended up going to Phat Brats for some gourmet hot-dogs down at:

320 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

You can also check them out here

G & I got some Chilli Cheese Fries, The Wagyu Dog & the Beer Battered Bratwurst.

All was good, dogs tasted as awesome as the pics hehe & it was plus that they cut the dogs in half for easier eating. The only things I found lacking was the chilli fries didn’t have much sauce in it (but I was guessing it’s because the serving plate was a piece of paper in a basket so the sauce may drip out etc, nonetheless it was still awesome!)

Also there was no beer although the logo advertising is

which was personally disappointing for me because I’m a BIG FAN of Beer…(I brush my teeth with Beer)- but all in all, this is no biggie because they probably haven’t got their license yet or maybe they have sold out?

I was fantasizing what beer they would stock & whether there would be a tap beer too (because I didn’t see any taps)

Last but not least, it would have been pretty cool if they played some music in there, maybe some Reggae hahah because then it will suit the whole Brunswick feel which is really Indie & Hipster. 🙂 Just my opinion.

All in all, I am very delighted with my new pleasant discovery of Peach Water Blog & will be following her recommendations & also Phat Brats! Hopefully when we meet again you WILL HAVE BEER or I will cry & sulk in your store! (Did I mention the owner is hot? I only saw one that day & I think his name is Matt- hhahaha he is a HAWT-DOG get it? Get it?, LOL

So please check out:

Oh one last thing Peach Water, if you are reading this, please have a ‘search box’ in your blog to make it easier for us to find a restaurant/cafe in your blog & see whether you have done a review on them. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Peach Water & Phat Brats

  1. Hey Elle,

    Wow, it’s such a great honour for your to actually review my blog! And also for giving me feedback on my site! Love it 😀

    Thank you so much for loving my site 🙂
    And, yes if you check out my blog now, the site now has a search box for you 🙂

    Peach Water

  2. Phat Brats are awesome! Haha I can intro you to Matt if you like Elle 😉 Hopefully they get their liquor license soon cos beer and brats are where it’s at! Jan’s (Peach Water) posts are great and so in depth and honest…love her work.

    Oh we’re still working on the Dessert 1st website so hopefully it’ll be up soon. Hope to see you there. x Sheryl

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