FREE GIFT 2 YOU: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

Hi All! 🙂

(woah is this picture blurry or what?)

I’m in a VERY generous mood at the moment heheh, mainly because Sunday Laundry is doing extremely well… & decided I will give 1 lucky female reader the new Urban Decay Naked Palette 2!


I’m sure most of you would know what a hit No.1 was (even those who didn’t actually buy it) You’ll find this recommended at heaps of beauty sections in Magazines & excellent reviews from Beauty Blogs & Gurus in Youtube!

No.2 comes with a mini lip gloss too & comes in a cool metal casing compared to No.1’s cardboard casing.

This item here is worth close to $60AUD!

Now here is the nitty gritty.

All you need to do…is 1) add Sunday Laundry as a friend on Facebook, if you haven’t already (the link is on the right column!!) & 2) please write in this BLOG post comment box what ‘Sunday Laundry’ means to you! Please be creative!


Simple right???

Oh…this is open only to the gals living down under… 🙂

You have until the end of April 2012 girlies!!

Or maybe the guys may try to win this for their girlfriends? 🙂 heheheh

They will be like ‘OMFG!!! How did YOU know this is the hottest make-up out there?!’



4 thoughts on “FREE GIFT 2 YOU: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

  1. Heya,
    Loving the new Sunday Laundry items, especially the lovely trench coat I just bought off you teeheehee. Anyways, here is what Sunday Laundry means to me —– I don’t have to spend hours scrounging across all the retail stores just to find those items that I might like. Instead, I a great selection in one shop. Sunday Laundry = Best One Stop Shop.

  2. I love love love Sunday Laundry!!! I stalk your pieces as you post them & snap them up like crazy!!!

    Okay what Sunday Laundry means to me is that I won’t have to sit hours on end on g-market to buy things in korean & dunno what I’m expecting in terms of quality.

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