Be the Change

I dropped my phone in the morning before going to work & a lovely stranger named Danielle was kind enough to pick it up & agreed to wait until I finished work at 5pm to hand it back to me. But because my train was delayed (as usual) I never got to meet her in person to thank her (long story short, Graham picked up the phone from her before I got there because she had to go home…)

Anyway, I managed to get her address & compiled a small box of little gifts + a Thank You card to send off to her to show my appreciation.

There was also a time when I was lining up to buy a train ticket & thought I was going to miss my train & a lovely lady passed me her zone 1 & 2 Daily ticket since she is getting off the train & did not need it anymore. That saved me time & $12+! In the end, I started doing the same thing when I get off at my destination- rather than me throwing the ticket away! (until of course I got Myki)

It seems so insignificant because it’s a phone or ticket, but it’s little good deeds like these that give me inspiration & faith, that there is still good in the world. These passes on to others & in turn, usually they end up doing the same thing 🙂

There are countless times where my girlfriends & I pick up phones/wallets + cash/keys/jewellery left in toilet cubicles or train seats etc… & hand it back to their rightful owner…and I guess my ‘good deed’ have returned to me. 🙂

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