Come as You Are

Hi Everyone~

So…I thought, since this is my Blog, I can cam-whore as much as I want to or be as narcissistic as I want to be lol.

I kinda laughed to myself (AND at myself) though when I look at the ‘thinking about the menu’ picture (2nd pic) haha & also me with the big cocktail ring with the ‘contemplating’ look BAHAHAHAH!! 😀

But why not right? I mean I hardly ever get dolled up anymore, that when I do (after 1 hour), I just want to take a god damn picture! Let’s not forget the fact there is hardly a good picture of me taken by others- most of the time it’s me with eyes half closed (or closed) or mouth open in mid-talk or some other crap….so DON’T JUDGE ME heheheh

I wish I have one of those photographers that follow me around like other pro bloggers hehe.. G is just too lazy though haha

Anyway, love you all.


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