We Play Together, You & Me

My Outfit: [Faux Fur Jacket by ____, White Dress by Seduce, Black Skirt by Sportsgirl, Ankle Booties by ZARA, Big Crucifix by Chris Habana, Small Crucifix by Mouche, Bracelets (Spiky & Skulls) by Anarchy Street]

Last Saturday night was completely different to how I spent this Saturday.

I went ‘pimp-daddy’ with my outfit by bringing out my thick faux-fur jacket although the weather wasn’t a New York City winter cold.

A last minute decision to tag along to Fashion Lounge to watch Those Kids play after having a BIG Friday night where I literally forgot who I was, where I was, what I did & the time (heheheh) but strangely I put more effort in this outfit than the Friday night-although I was still suffering a hang-over. Ugh!

Wearing my birthday gift from M & T, I slugged on a black Sportsgirl skirt over the dress (since it was see through) chucked out my favourite neck swag & then the fur.  🙂

Isn’t G’s cousin Emily a pretty lil thing? 🙂



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