20/20 for 2012

I woke up today & seriously thought SHIT! I had left my contacts in my eyes overnight (which is a bible No No)-to which then I realised, I don’t need them anymore!

As most of you would know, early last year, I decided ‘enough was enough!’ I needed 20/20 vision again or I would have no chance in the social life from wearing glasses! I’ve been wearing glasses since 8 (maybe earlier) which soon progressed to lenses in my teens. Back then, there were no such thing as trendy glasses- plus that preppy trend didn’t kick in in the 90s anyway…

Due to my extensive & high ‘degree-ed’ prescription, I look like I was wearing magnifying glasses, and to further ‘shave’ down the lenses so it didn’t look so… ‘bulky’, I’d be charged extra $$$$, pretty much paying for 2 glasses- not worth it since I tend to break them any chance I get (you see, I was super sporty & boyish back then)

It came to a time last year when I was wearing my contacts non-stop. (you’re really meant to wear them 4 hours a day? correct me if I’m wrong) I would wake up & get ready for work at 5:30am, force my contacts on puffy half asleep eyes & if this was a Friday, I’d be wearing the same contacts until 5-6AM in the morning the next day. Peeling them off was the worst thing…they stuck on my eyes like…glue because they had become so dry from the alcohol & smokes etc…I’d wake up the next day with pink eyes

I had to go to an optometrist one day because of red eyes (accumulated as a result of self-inflicted damage) that had been on me for the past few days, rendering it impossible to wear contacts & my optom told me, that I may have blew some capillaries? I was suffocating my cornea so much it’s created a red/yellow ring around the iris. If this negligent & blase attitude of mine continues, I will create further damage to my eyes – and may be ineligible for contact lens use in the future….which in my book translates to ‘TRAGEDY & SOCIAL SUICIDE.’

So…I tried a couple of inconsistent weeks wearing glasses here & there…NO, not for me. Tried it before in my teens & that nostalgic feeling is not so nostalgic. Plus, I couldn’t look like the Asian cutie pies like in this picture even if I tried to.

*the bubbly dreamy look-‘help me I’m lost’

 People treat you differently too when you wear glasses at work & no, it’s not the ‘wow you are damn intellectual guuuurl!!’ but it’s seriously like…’dude you’re way too nerd that you are cock-blocking me.’ Or dude, I don’t associate with loser looking people. Similar to girls, girls tend to treat you indifferently too when you look like a geek :/ ah well…just the ‘observance’ of an average girl. Oh and NO people don’t treat you nicer when you look smarter, they just think you’re a smart jackass- & they walk over you. People treat you nicer when you look better & that is a FACT! E.g. the train inspector slaps you with a warning, guys let you sit in the train because you smile & wink at them…you get that extra scoop of ice cream/ food at the canteen, people speak nicer to you etc… But ANYWAY, my glasses weren’t the artsy fartsy framed ‘preppy cool’ ones anyway, they were just the normal…’NERDy’ rectangular transparent ones that I got made in a black market in Jakarta without me being there. 🙂

*on a side note, I still would not consider wearing artsy fartsy glasses. I just DON’T want to wear glasses OR contacts anymore!

Since my sister Mimi had Laser surgery done before, and this dated 10+ years back, my mother fully supported it. At the end of the day, this was for a long term health benefit. The difference was, my poor sister actually experience ‘the knife’ whereas the technology certainly has changed now! Thank God!

So I went to Medownick Laser clinic early last year, for a 1 hour FREE appointment & consultation. They thoroughly assess your eyes inside out with retinal scans etc. Those thinking of it of Lasik, should just go for the first consultation- what have you got to lose right? They do the usual eye checks/scans to see how healthy your eye is or if it’s eligible for Lasik. Because the degree of my eye prescription was changing too much too fast, (it was getting higher than the current -4.75) I had to wait another 6 months (into Jan 2012 this year) to see if it had become stable. If the degree changes again within the 6 month wait, then I would have to wait again until it becomes stable. Or else this will decrease my % of getting close to a 20/20 vision.

Fast forward 6 months ahead, the assistants at Medownick were happy with the result…& voila!~ I had my Laser eye surgery on the 17/02/2012 & since that day, my eyes  are as clear as the day I was born 🙂

I could not be happier with the result.

All 3 consultations were free for me, they are roughly 40mins-1 hr long each. The cost of my procedure is AUD$5K for both eyes if you pay on the day (more if you pay by instalments) Again, this varies person to person.

For those who are interested…the procedures usually consists of 3 check ups (for me anyway) to check the stability of your eye ‘degrees’ & the sort of glasses you are using & whether they match.  On the 2nd check up (booked 6 months ahead from the 1st visit but this again could differ for your case) if the docs were happy with the results & the stability of your eyes from last visit & you are happy with the % of how close to ‘clear’ your eyesight will be to 20/20, then you can start to book the day of the operation, They will perform one last check up before the surgery.

They then proceed to give you couple of Atavan (pills)? which clonks you out because from there on, I didn’t even remember how I got to the surgery room, nor do I remember a THING that went on in there…. It was like I had been roofied. BUT as I explained before by the kind nurse, the procedure consists of clamping your eyes open so you can’t blink. Then they use a soft tip to remove a layer of tissue/cornea to expose a naked pupil/iris & then Laser your eyes away! The laser itself takes 6 seconds and I swear you don’t feel a thing! The whole thing was like a dream…and let me tell you all, I am the biggest pussy when it comes to pain…& I did not feel a thing. I somehow got home (reminds me like one of those drunken nights) & clonked out completely. I slept through the whole weekend, room heavily curtained. If the sun seeped in, I spent my day in bed with sunnies on. Heavily dosed with Atavan & my eyes guarded by an eye patch. Every few hours, my sis or G will re-feed me with those pills to ease the pain & put 4 different droplets into my eyes.

The first few days were a blur- literally & figuratively. I could not eat, I lost weight. Felt nauseous. Blurry, watery vision, uncomfortable feeling in the eye, like there’s some sort of plastic in there (because they insert a soft lens in there). I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, read a book or look at my mobile phone. I just laid, drowsily in bed listening to Lana. Ironically, I couldn’t see letters up close for the first few days.Visitors came and went & I think I wasn’t much of an entertainment apart from my ‘GOGO Power Ranger’ look- I was too groggy most of the time 🙂 There was a piece of soft lens inserted in my eyes to replace the lost tissue but this was removed just on Tues 22/02/2012.

WARNING: Picture looks disturbingly funny

*Me sound asleep

Still need a little adjusting- mentally & physically, still healing. But now I’m filled with positive & enthusiastic thoughts that I can go swimming at ease again wearing googles without the fear of water rushing in & washing out my contacts. (My terrible experience while scuba diving in Thailand) I can shower with ease without squatting on the floor looking for 1 lost contact. (Once in high school, I had to go a WHOLE day wearing only 1 bright blue contact in my left eye, because I lost the other one. True story. I looked like a genetic clone failure.) I can finally eat without hot food steaming up my glasses, or kiss & hug without my glasses poking G’s face. I can sleep without that tiresome routine of washing the contacts before you go to bed, buying new bottles of Saline solution. ( it gets more annoying when you travel & you forgot to bring contact lens case) Saves me the annoyance of getting ready to go to a party that you planned 2 weeks in advance of, only to realise you are suffering red eyes, hence can’t wear contacts, so you don’t go at all. I have the relief that I can wake up once again & see the world …clearly. 

I guess, unless you have experienced what I have experienced in my whole 17+ years of wearing glasses & lenses- which included having a soccer ball kicked to your face while you had glasses on, maybe you would understand, & hey! I’m fine with those that couldn’t care less if they wear glasses or not.



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