♡ A Reminder from the Past ♡

Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing this new year? Any new projects? Found new love? New career?

I hope all is well for you 🙂

As you may have read from my previous post, I was a little frazzled from trying to juggle my work & personal life. Well, technically I have 3 ‘work’ lifes so…pretty much my social life was kind of non-existent.  I get excited when someone has a birthday or (insert other reasons to celebrate), because it has become pretty much my only excuse to go out lol

So at times, I feel a little blue here & there…naturally.

I somehow ended up reading my old posts & came across….


Which surprisingly cheered me up 🙂 (yeah I am a good writer *barf)

So for those of you out there feeling a little blue… I hope this cheers you up, like it did me hehe 🙂

I also want to take the time to wish my friend Tammi a very Happy Birthday ❤

Tammi is one of the very first few people I met when I came to study in Melbourne in 2002, we went to the same high school & were in classes together…our story is a complicated, funny, dramatic & very unique one but I am glad to say, we lasted this whole time. And guess what? She has been seeing G’s twin for as long as I have! So pretty much, my soon to be sister-in-law! (That’s right Ben) hehe

Once again… Happy Birthday Tammi!!

Long live 啤酒 Club!!


P.S (Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Shop ‘Sunday Laundry’!)

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