ℒ .A Diaries ✈ 2011

Hey Everyone!

After a dreadful 14 something hour of flight, I’m finally back at home.

Here are some snaps of my trip up in LA, which happens to be my favourite city in the US 🙂

We were lucky that in the 4 days we stayed in LA, we were blessed with awesome sun. Since there weren’t much cabs in sight (if not, at all!) we became super attached to our Mustang (emotionally too haha) Did most of the touristy stuff you read about, but we were also super lucky to have met the friendliest bunch of locals in Venice Beach at Townhouse Pub, who showed us a good night out in LA, especially being able to crash the night in a real Hollywood Hills Mansion! Yes, Anna Faris lives next door. Too bad, I can’t say the same for G after much convulsing of his stomach insides haha~ If you guys are reading this, thanks again for letting us crash & the ‘stuff’ you got us haha. 😛

Watch out for my next post about Vegas! I will also put up the complete pics of LA on Facebook 🙂

L.A I will definitely miss you & hope to come back again ♡


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