Hey Everyone!!

I haven’t blogged in a while since my birthday although I have many pictures I want to put up :/

….But, I have interesting news!

Remember when I mentioned something “exciting” is coming  (in my previous posts?)

Well that is because I have been running busy trying to put together the last piece of puzzle for my Facebook shop: Sunday Laundry 🙂

Super happy & hyped about the launch which will be happening this Sunday- hopefully. The date is ‘specially’ picked because 1) it’s a Sunday..& 2) because I like how the numbers are put together, 20.11.2011 (Originally would have preferred 11.11.11 but never going to make that in time haha)

Anyway, was looking through my favourite blogs…& Market HQ have all these pictures which are the EPITOME of my Sunday & of course the core essence of what ‘Sunday Laundry” is about!

I HAD to Re-Post it up here.

Please check out their blog as well…here:

Please Add ‘Sunday Laundry’ on Facebook

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