Finally! ✌

Hey Everyone!

Was meant to post this before my birthday but oh well hahaha~


The day had come…..the “official” day that I can say…I’ve graduated!

Looking back…I’ve always had a love hate relationship with uni…but I’m sure many who have experienced uni life & gone on to do their own thing-may it be work or getting married & having kids, can all agree that they miss it….some way or the other.

In high school I was always one of those kids that have to do everything perfect, hand everything in on time & be on the teachers good side (the perfectionist in me still exists though haha) then…after high-school, uni was a breath of fresh air… It’s almost like…I can do whatever I wanted…we were ‘free’ from the ‘orthodox-ed’ constraints of school life! No more roll calls (only first year/core subs) & it’s almost ok to come to late to classes- cuz you can always attend the next one. Best of all? CASUAL CLOTHES 😛 & yes I was one of those ‘first years’ who dressed to the nines in the first 2 weeks of uni haha~

My favourite…was “study time” for exams. Ok..aside from wanting to pass my exam, it’s the randomest, funniest things our group did while we “studied”. There was even a time, when, at the spur of the moment, we went to the city to sing Karaoke…& mind you our exams was like 2 days away…there was also Bejewelled & Restaurant City time when we were glued to our Facebooks, promising ourselves we will continue to study after another round of Bejewelled. Then there were those guys who come to uni to ‘study’ but really were playing Dota. Snacks? We had plenty…FOR FREE! Thanks to a broken machine which gets replenished everyday day. We even had a UFC night in the computer labs (Yes you guys, GT, bennysofriendly & Drix) All nighters? Yes I’ve done plenty of that- and I would do more just to get this feeling back.

And it is from uni that I had the proper chance to ‘live’ in China-Nanjing where I went to enhance my Chinese language skills. I mean, when is there going to be another time where I can stay in another country for 3 months with my uni mates & have no responsibility whatsoever?? Ha….I miss those days..

Now all I go through…is work & hardly anymore play…& constantly think..”what’s next?”


So we went to stay the night in Geelong at Sheraton 4 Points, which overlooked the pier…The night before, enjoyed a really nice dinner (with EXCELLENT service) at the hotel with Dad, sisters, Bro-in-Law & GT to celebrate my Grad & an early Birthday toast 🙂

The next day we had the pleasure of having beautiful, sunny weather the day of the ceremony, so we enjoyed the views & had some ice-cream! 🙂


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