Thank you to those of you who called, mailed, sms-ed, Facebook, tweeted, Weibo-ed & spent time with me on my birthday.

There’s so many of you I haven’t caught up with, let alone are in my close group of friends…but I really appreciate that you took that 5 seconds of your time to wish me a Happy Birthday. 🙂

Thank you thank you thank you ever so much…esp the NAB guys & also the girls M, T, L, R & A that came & had to sit through my triple drunken rendition of Justin Bieber’s baby…I know your ears suffered lol

I look forward to these evidences from Mishy’s camera  = = ”

Will post up more photos soon!

P.S: How awesome are these cakes?? Made by my friend Michelle, if you are interested please Facebook Msg me as it’s orders by referrals only.. 🙂 xx

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