I have encountered many comings & goings in my life, if not family, it’s friends.

If it’s not because of a guy, or plainly drifting apart, it’s because of difference in opinions & personalities…To me, this is only a social norm in life.

There is no handbook for a perfect life,  nor to be a perfect parent, or to be a perfect friend…we wouldn’t know any better for what is to come today or tomorrow no matter how much we think we are prepared enough, or that we have learnt many lessons before & religiously promise ourselves, ‘that will never happen again.’

All I can be is to make sure I am me & be sincere & genuine to the ones I love, & do my best. The only thing I learnt in life though, quite contrary to society’s campaign to you ‘being yourself’, that can actually be your downfall instead. And as much as everyone say ‘just be yourself! Don’t be fake! Don’t suck up! Don’t expect! bla bla’ you know that realistically, life don’t work that way.

I know I have flaws, no one is perfect. I can be impatient, abrupt with words & I get frustrated when people don’t answer the question outright & instead beat around the bush. I tend to put both hands up & say ‘you know what, don’t worry about it, if you want to do it that way, then so be it’. Being a creature of habit, I naturally hate change  & I definitely hate when you expect the best from someone & you get peanuts in return (but don’t anyone?)

Some people are not used to this which is understandable, but then again those people are just strangers to me…because I genuinely believe that the people you love, who you DON’T treat as a stranger, will love you back for you just being …..you. And hey, ‘if you can’t put up with my worst, then you sure don’t deserve my best’.

But oh well…too bad so sad. Sometimes we just have to let go, wish them luck & pat on the back & say ‘hey it was fun then!’ & move along.


2 thoughts on “09.10.2011

  1. Agree with what you said that ‘Being yourself’ can sometimes be your own downfall instead and “Be yourself” is one of the worst advice you can give someone lol. But here is another quote I like which made me think for a while and it has quite a deep meaning to it which I now adhere to, “We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

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