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I always wanted to blog about my make-up haha

Well finally…. here is what I use religiously… I only blog about the ones I use frequently & LOVE!

I don’t normally stick to just one brand…so it’s a whole jumble ranging from the really cheap to the oh-so-pricey!

p.s: I am obsessed with Princess Cam app on my iPhone that I had to paste lots & lots of graphics!

The heart shape means I love that product!

Primer & Concealer

From left to right: Lancome La Base Pro (Primer) & Shu Uemura (Concealer)

Aside from Moisturizers, Primers are always my step 1 in my make-up routine.

Since I watched YouTube Make-Up Guru, Michelle Phan’s video here, I was sold on the Lancome Primer.  And true to her word, it’s awesome since I have an oily T-Zone but this really fixes that & makes my make-up last the night out. The Shu Uemura Concealer is great since it really covers all the nitty gritty details hehe, however I do prefer that one that came in a little flat palette instead since it is thicker/creamier! Make sure you get a colour lighter than your skin-tone & blend your foundation together!


From left to right: Maybelline “Fit Me!”, Shu Uemura “Face Architect”, Gorgeous Cosmetics “Base Perfect”

Step 2 of my routine is putting on foundation. (I just put on broken capillaries)

It’s always been love & war with myself & foundations. Since my teens, I have used countless of foundation brands with none leaving more than a sour impression- & bad photos. From cheap brands to well-known ones, these are the final 3 which I will stick with & has left me very impressed. Of course, there are still more to come for me to experience…but for now, this has sufficed.

From left, I saw this in a Tivo ad, bought it for about $18AUD? And I have to say, Maybelline, you have ‘wowed’ me with this one. Affordable but the coverage is great! Just like what the Tivo Ad said, smooth, light, does not have that oily caked texture/feel (like the CHANEL/DIOR ones I’ve tried). Shu Uemura Face Architect is the same, I use a very small amount (only on uneven skin tones & to cover broken capillaries) & it really does the job! Last but not least, Gorgeous Cosmetics are Australian made & tad more pricier than even brands like Dior, Chanel, Lancome ones. If I remember correctly this was about $80?.. Most of those “world renowed” brands charges a high price mainly on the packaging & name, BUT the price of Gorgeous makes up for the QUALITY (pun?). However though, my skin tone is now sitting in between the Shu Uemura one & the Gorgeous one, so I have to mix them both-but they still work out great blended together lol! The thing I like most about Gorgeous is also the ’boutique’ feel of the shop, awesome service & consultation+ make-up testing & last the PUMP of the bottle! It doesn’t have that pipe thing, instead just a pressure pump that apparently SUCKS up all the foundation-even the leftover in the corners!! So you are not wasting any at all! 🙂


Step 3 of my routine is setting the foundation/concealer with some powder.

Another Gorgeous Cosmetics pride & joy…& they should be because this is AWESOME! You must try!!

I don’t really know how else to describe really…but similar with Foundations…I think I have tried too many, but this one will be one to stay!


From top to bottom: FaceShop’s Eyebrow Pencils & some unknown brand from overseas lol. 

Step 4 of my routine is to ‘thicken’ my eyebrows. I’ve started thickening them since…I’ve realized in photos, that my eyebrows don’t seem to ‘show’ if I don’t draw them haha.

I like these Korean brand eyebrow pencils since they are not as ‘thick’ or ‘liquidy’ as the Western ones… the western brands I find have the thick texture of an EYE-liner. But this is quite ‘charcoally’ in texture so you can adjust & have more control in drawing on & increasing the intensity of your brows.


From top to bottom: Lancome’s “Artliner” & Red Earth gel eye-liner pot. 

Step 5 of my routine is eye-liner. Sometimes I draw a flick or a wing, if not just a normal eye-line. Depending on this step, If I draw a thick eye-line, then I won’t put blush on because it will look too ‘busy’. If I draw a very faint eye-line, then I’ll put some bronzer+peach blush on my cheeks.

I use the liquid eyeliner when I wear fake lashies, since it’s easier to maneuver when drawing over the fake lash. The colour is intense & the tip is fine, which I really like about the Artliner. You can also see this effect in many of Michelle Phan’s video. Loving the Red Earth Gel Pot, but the colour is not as intense as I like but it lasts for ages! Haven’t tried many others except the MAC one which is also great!


From left to right: RIMMEL Bronzer, Lancome Blush Subtil & Face Shop

Most of the time, I use more bronzers than pink blushes. I don’t really mind which brand as long as they don’t have too much shimmer in them. The last best I used was a DIOR & Jurlique one. I also like Physicians Formula. Anyways…just bought this one & trying to finish it first! I try not to waste my make-up!

I put a little bronzer on my cheekbones, a swipe on my chin & neck, as well as a little on my forehead. If I wear a V-neck top, I put some there…most people tend to forget to do that, so their face colour don’t match their neck or cleavage. I mix some of the bronzer with my Faceshop peach blush on the apples of my cheeks.

I hardly use pink blushes anymore…I look too flushed!


Clockwise from top to bottom: Clinique “Long Last Lipstick in Blushing Nude”, FaceShop RD301 (A really dark fuchsia colour), Chanel “COCO Rouge in  Orchidee #17, Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in Sheer Pink, Kit Lipgloss (that inflates too) DIOR “Addict Ultra- Lipgloss in #757 Red”, YSL “Rouge Pur in #152 (Orange Pink), Gorgeous Costmetic Lipstick (cant find it now haha), DIOR travel lipsticks in #455 & #355. 

Bottom: LUSH Lip Stain, Maybelline “ColourSensational” in #635 Very Cherry, #515 Coral Crush, #455 Dark Mauve

I always dot a tiny bit of concealer on lips before the Lip colour. Don’t really like the texture of the YSL lipstick & Coco Rogue. LOVE the Gorgeous Cosmetic Lipstick, not too dry & not too oily. As well as Clinique, & the Maybelline ones. I also love DIOR Addict lipsticks because the texture is like Gorgeous Costmetic ones but I’ve used up all of them, so need to re-stock!

Eye Shadows

Clockwise from top: Lancome Virtuose Travel Eye Palette, Chanel Travel Collection, Face Shop Black Label, Face shop eye shadow cakes & last, Shiseido Palette.

Not much of an eyeshadow person so I’m not picky with which brands I like… I end up not using them, so have to get rid or give some away. Instead of brands, I tend to use the same colours instead, like shimmer white or pinks as base, then Browns & Charcoals on the side of the eyes. When I was teens I used more colours like blue, purple, green etc…now I like to be more….simple by using basic colours.

Last but not least,

I swear by Lucas Paw Paw ointment as Lip Balm!! Unfortunately I’ve run out!!!! Need to re-stock too! Every OZ girl will know what I mean…it’s also a great OZ gift to give girlfriends overseas!!

What’s your favourite make-up?


P.S (Photos by Richard Tran! Scroll down to see contacts for Richard Tran Vivera Photography)

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