Wedding Dramas & Lesson Learned

Hey everyone!

Some of you have asked me why I haven’t blogged for so long…

Well, I have been MIA  a couple of weeks before the 29th Aug which was to be the arrival date of 2 strict & superstitious parents, 2 older sisters- with one experiencing early stages of pregnancy, 2 somewhat conservative older brother-in-laws, 4 kids (inc. 2 toddlers & I swear that all of them have some sort of ADD) & lastly, an old fashioned Auntie lol!

So the weeks prior to their arrival were spent giving the house a massive spring clean, chucking out old hard waste as well as hiring a gardener to demolish the jungle that magically grew in the backyard.

This proved to be a BIG MISTAKE LOL.

As soon as my family arrived, it was an explosion of socks & kids toys on the living room floor, food & milk bottles in the kitchen & pantry, as well as the overflow of laundry, in & OUTSIDE of the laundry room…in fact the house actually looked better before we even cleaned it! = = ”

It really reminded me of Old Shanghai, except that it was all squished into a single storey house…what with underwear & blankets blowing in the wind on a laundry string at the back patio- & mind you…we have a laundry drying machine.

Every morning (or in some cases, before dawn) we also had the luxury of being woken up by the automatic cries of a stressed toddler looking for mum, or the shrieks from the aftermath of a fight over the iPad or Samsung Galaxy tablet. I learnt the true meaning of ‘monkey see,  monkey do’ with kids, if one touches a certain object, the rest fights for it too.

So there it goes, trying to get everything together in the week before the wedding…but there were dramas such as cake toppers not arriving the mail at all, Mimi trying to iron out her crumpled wedding veil which resulted in a hole, to which we had to swiftly head to Lincraft & make a new veil complete with beading- in 2 NIGHTS! I had also ordered a custom made, red long dress for the Chinese Tea Ceremony, however that too fell through. Poor Mimi had to buy a last minute red dress from Portmans…only to find out on her wedding day that our Mom wanted her to wear her white bridal gown all along!

Then the white Rolls Royce for the departure to the hotel fell through as well…good thing the Bridal Party’s chauffeur for our limo agreed to pick the Bride & Groom up instead.

One of the best decision we made was to hire a hotel room the night before to get our hair & make-up done in peace & quiet- not to mention a peaceful sleep…

All in all, yes it was tiring, frustrating, annoying & demanding, but the overall result was...emancipating 🙂


I wish Mimi & Andrew congratulations & best wishes for their wedding & for a successful & happy marriage for their whole life together! 🙂

Valerie & I


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