thOse Kids 1.0


I’m excited for tomorrow Friday 15th July….*drumroll* because my DEAREST  friends – & le boyfriend are performing on the main stage at Neverland!!

thOse Kids aren’t entirely good kids or bad kids. Definitely thOse Kids your parents warned you about. thOse Kids aren’t into drama, politics, violence & they are definetely NOT about the $$$- it’s all bout the fun, and ’bout playing the music they want to play 😉 Pumping out choons and getting your heart racing – fist pump away!”

 Please come & show your support……..or just come to enjoy the music anyway heheh 😉


A little info about thOse Kids..

Of what started as the occasional weekend hobby, thOse kids were formed by 3 best friends, David, Leong & G from their shared love of good music.

They decided to pool in for a shared DJ set & took turns to bring it home & experiment around with it. ( & yes there were times at home where I almost chucked a plate at G’s head because he could NOT STOP playing music on his set)

The stage name ‘thOse Kids’ came up from a Facebook poster slogan they were tagged in entitled, “Those kids your parents warned you about.”  & since then, everywhere they go, they were referred to as ‘Those Kids” for short…& so the adventures began 🙂

They made their debut at TEMP’s Monthly Events, the first being at Martini Lounge…

…which was a SUCCESS 🙂

Now you can find them as resident DJs at BAMBOO Saturdays Melbourne 🙂

(Thank you to Benny-so-Friendly for the awesome stickers & most importantly- design!)

Their ‘choons’ are influenced from old school retroes, Michael Jackson, acoustics…& mainly house/electroes & recently dub-step (my favourite by the way!)

Favourites artists on re-play range from the boys from DIM MAK, Boyz Noize, Afrojack, Diplo, Armin Van Helden, Chuckie, Skrillex, Deadmau5 & the list goes on…

So…come join us at Neverland tomorrow for fun fun fun fun!



By the way, photos courtesy of the young & talented Chris Lim 🙂

Please check his blog guys!!!

more pics to come….

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