┌ A Side Note 1.0 ┘

Hey Everyone,

I recently tweeted that I have so much I wanted to blog about…but when it comes to doing it, it’s actually harder than it seems!

The words just don’t flow out as ‘smooth’ as I’d like haha, or that I don’t have exciting enough pictures to entertain you guys with~ Plus, I think we have come to the conclusion that grammar isn’t my strongest suit. 😛

Some of the topics I wanted to just blog about, are really just everyday experiences…some more out of the ordinary than others.

For example, I’ve put braces on my bottom teeth which have become over- crowded over the years. Originally I wanted to have Invisiligns, however, after some drama + a dodgy dentist & $2k gone, I ended up with braces BEHIND my bottom teeth & now in front- I guess that’s some alternative to Invisiligns right?

I’ve had these braces since March 2011 & take pictures every month to see it’s progress…

Once this is done, I’ll put it up to show you guys, though I wouldn’t recommend the dentist 🙂


Then, I’ve gone to hair lazer therapy (which I blogged about briefly before) so I wanted to let you know how I went, in case some of you would like a recommended place heheh. Let’s just say, a fortnight after my first session, I have seen 80% of change…the skin is smooth, hair is not growing from the follicles. I am now up to my second session (it’s a monthly session)


Another thing I’m going for soon will be Lazer Eye surgery- which hopefully I am eligible for.

I’m going for my eye test this 23rd July…wish me luck!

If it does materialize then, I was told it is going to be roughly $2500-$3k each eye.

My prescription for long sightedness have increased from -4.75, & after years of being stubborn & just wearing contacts instead of balancing it out with glasses, my eyes have ‘cosmetic damage’ quoted by my optometrist. I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t cleaned my contacts properly too which have added to its damage, as well as, my eyes did not have enough oxygen due to being ‘suffocated’ by my contacts. (There is a brown outline around my iris) That explains why I wear glasses lots now…

My older sis M had laser eye surgery before, & it lasted her a good 8 years of 20/20 vision, so I am looking forward to having 20/20 vision again too…

I am scared of the surgery though yikes! Will definitely update!


Lastly, my sis is getting married this September & being the Maid of Honour, I have so much homework to do…

So much referrals to tell you guys about…including an awesome make-up artist that was referred to me…

It was a very slow start to organize everything, but slowly, we are all getting things organized…the most recent was buying suits for the groomsmen!

So far…

Wedding Gown+ Shoes+Accessories ✔

Grooms’ Suit+Shirt+ Tie+Shoes+Pocket Scarf ✔

Bridesmaids Gowns+Shoes ✔

Groomsmens’ Suit+Shirt+Tie ✔

Wedding Favours ✔

Wedding Cake ✔

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue ✔

Wedding Live Band ✔

Make-Up Artist & Hair ✔

Invitations to be sent ✔

The rest are…

Table Arrangements for RSVPs ☐

Flowers for Venue & Bridal Party ☐

Tea Ceremony + Dancing Dress ☐

Too Many!! :S

…Will blog again tonight!


[Outfit: Burberry Harbourne Trench, Cotton On Leopard Scarf, Country Road Black Dress, Ralph Lauren inner cardigan, GUCCI sunglasses, Salvatore Ferragamo Varinas in Patent Red]

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