✚ AM Eyewear ✚

“A Mate and I once had a dream of starting a sunglasses label. As my parents were hippies living in the back of Nimbin I could hardly get any help from them. So I sold and pawned everything I owned. I loaned money from a loan shark who agreed to take my throat as collateral and charge me 40% on what we needed. I was told by someone once that some sunglasses did more harm to your eyes then good. so with the thought of being sued by thousands of customers in our old age, we started researching quality materials. At a party I met an optical engineer, out of the goodness of his heart and for most of my life savings, he agreed to pass out what he knew. Armed with our newfound knowledge and some really rough drawings, we set off around the world to find manufacturers. Two years after our concept was born, the first pair of AM’s hit the stores. Our frames were a total success and we sold out within weeks. We continued to work real hard, sometimes doing up to 90 hours a week. Everything we made went back into fuelling the beast and there was nothing in our pay cheques for the first three years. My business partner eventually left and I was left to live off a $30 box of vegetables that a friend would deliver every two weeks. If not for my friends and loved ones through those tough times, AM would have never have been possible and that’s why I name every frame after one of them. AM eyewear is now available all over the world and in every pair is my heart, my soul, my hunger, and almost my life.”



p.s: These are a pair of KAMI sunnies, but also known as KARMI because it’s spelt different on the arms of the frames.

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