LUSH: Beauty Review

Hi everyone!!

Just a while back, I finally ventured into LUSH- you know, that store that smells unbelievably nice & have soap that you just want to pop into your mouth because it looks & smells like desert?

Anyways…I ended up with just a couple of classic customer favourites recommended  by the lovely staff…

Clockwise from the yellow paperbag: “Hottie” Massage Bar, “Angels on Bare Skin” Face Scrub, “It Started with a Kiss” Lip Tint & “Ultra Bland” Facial Cleanser

Hottie Massage Bar: A chunky block of jojoba, cocoa butter & ginger

Starting with the massage bar, I actually bought this thinking it was moisturizer! It smells really nice & melts with body heat. I rub this on in my bedroom & it made the whole bedroom smell soo yummy!

When you put it on, it gives your skin a real nice sheen…. as shown on my LEFT leg, & it lasts for a you that nice ‘polished’ healthy look hahah

Examples of the ‘polished-turned-fashionable’ look on the legs of Aimee Song & Christing!

You can check out their blogs on the right sight column on my blog here ——->

Then we have the…

Ultra Blend: “The most thorough of all cleansers made with beeswax, rosewater, peanut oil, honey & fresh iris extract

Its soft & moisturizing & you can see all the grime & make-up (even waterproof ones) come off on the cotton pad.

Great even around the eye area. It smells like honey & oats! Yumm 😛

Then I have the….

Angels on Bare Skin: Made with ground almonds & lavender oil & flowers..

Honestly, at the start I thought it smelt like marijuana hahaha but anyways it smells really therapeutic…if you didn’t know, Lavender is used to relief headaches & insomnia.

I use this on the weekends to exfoliate all the dead sebum & dirt on face. Definetely rejuvenating & I can see that the skin is much ‘brighter’ & clearer after every wash.

You are meant to take a ‘red bean’ size, then mix it a little with water so it turns into a thick paste, & scrub your face…

Lastly, I LOVE this lip tint!

It Started With a Kiss: Made with Red Apple infusion, Vanilla, White Choc, Coconut Oil, Sweet Wild Orange, Shea Butter etc.

I like it because the colour doesn’t look ‘fake’ – it looks like you just bit your lip lightly to give off that ‘blood’ colour.

The only downside to this tint is that it smells kind of like strawberry cough medicine, other than that it’s good~

Anyways…I give LUSH 3.5 out of 5 stars!! (Just so you know, getting 2.5 stars is hard in my books!)

I hope you guys enjoy LUSH as well…there are definitely more products from there I would like to try like the:

Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo which I heard brightens your dull hair colour (unfortunately mine) & gives off a really healthy shine (not the oily type shine lah)

 And also Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

 because I have dry & sensitive skin. Again…I feel like I can eat this stuff…yummm

You can check out their website here: 


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