The Schedule

Blegh! Since Dad & Kid Sis arrived, it has been a drama filled week- though with pleasant surprises along the way.

Poor Dad & Kid sis was stuck up in Sydney due to the volcanic ash so they were a day late from scheduled arrival.

My older sister M & her fiance drove up all the way to the airport to be met with the sudden, unfortunate news &  had to book a flight-any flight, to take them back here ASAP & in the end resorting to the sky-rocketing prices of Virgin Airlines.

But thank GOD they came here safe & sound 😉


The days prior to their arrival, G & myself decided to give the empty & neglected guest room a face lift for my Kid Sis, so that her stay & transition  here for high school would be pleasant.

Though the room isn’t as big as her old room in JKT given that she had a Queen bed with ensuite to her own bathroom, I think we did an A-Ok job, buying her a new study table from IKEA, changing the ugly lamp & decorating the room walls with pretty stencils & what not.

We were rushing it & both Dao & G were almost electrocuted while changing over the lamps! (Thanks guys!)

Very happy with the result of the “new” room. Wish I had taken a pic of what it used to look like 😛

Then, realized later that their flight had been delayed a day, so we were rushing for nothing.

The deadly light


Apart from other MORE boring stuff that I had to do…I just stayed home…for nearly a month now hahaha. = = ”

Trying hard to save up for my girls trip to Singapore this 28 July.

Will take many many photos on that!


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