Year 2000

So…Gen Y teens are called ‘Techno Teens?’ Hm…I say ‘Raving Retards’

Pshhhh WE were the Millennium teens when ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’& ‘Buffy’was cool.

Those were the days of the boy bands, where the IT girls was NOT Lindsay Lohan (unless it was Parents Trap) but Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tara Reid, & where Dawson’s Creek was the world & Britney was still hot, as well as the birth of Eminem, D12 & the all American Urban Rock Bands such as Linkin Park, Wheatus, Sum41, Crazy Town, & Limp Bizkit etc…

Now…the music’s changed, so have the faces.

Most of the RnB have warped into Electro/House- which I love don’t get me wrong, but I personally think “let’s leave the House/Electro”to the professionals of this generation ok….e.g Beyonce’s ‘We Run the World’ come on man…really?? J.Lo’s ‘Ón the Floor?” Please…*rolls eyes.

BACK when I was young-er 😛 , these are the songs played most on MTV Asia 2000-2002 – WHICH I LOVE….

As far as I can remember…. Please try to listen to them 🙂 You may like them too 🙂

Let’s see if you guys remember these as well 🙂

Baby Bye Bye Bye!!!!

Keeeppppp Rollinnnnnnnn Cheeaaaa

Don’t Speak

Back when swearing in music is super cool in my middle school.

I FUCKING love the sound of the guitar/bass strums


There’s heaps more…but trying to save space.

When I came to Melbourne & underage clubbing was the shit…

These are the songs pumping in the clubs 😀

One thought on “Year 2000

  1. so true! omg nsync, the backstreet boys. r kelly’s i believe i can fly hahaha blue’s all rise! ah best shit ever! and tlc – no scrubs!

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