L2 & Study Beats Vol.II

Remember once upon a time at this ridiculously humiliating-but-AMAZING-at-the-same-time hair curling tutorial?? Mmmm yess…. (cringe in embarrassment)

I dug this up from my ol ol post…so A-Lin..I will retaliate this embarrassment by putting up an equally embarrassing photo of you as well…well not as much as mine. Thank GOD for Facebook lol! ok Don’t kill me.

Well push my annoying face aside & listen to the background music will ya?

Re-produced by popular demand, L2 entertainment was nice enough to make Volume 2 for you all ‘download-for-free’ cheapskates. 🙂

SO, Have a listen & enjoy whilst studying, cooking, getting chores done or getting ready to go out! Better yet, you can listen to it whilst at work paper-pushing, or may it be at the cafe, salon, or boutique you work in! 🙂 Brill!

To download, click here.

The genius behind L2?

This guy

Ok..let’s try that again with a ‘sick-er’ photo

  Check out L2’s website at : http://l-2ent.com

where you can find hot topics on news & worldly events, as well as exclusive interviews with artists such as MC Jin & rising star J.Reyez.

If you like those Mixtapes, just click the on tab for more, including the Original mix Vol 1!

Come on lets show our support!

Enjoy & Good Luck to the exam-nees~!


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