From 31.05.2011

SO…Where should I start?

This whole week has been quite hectic for me….

For starters, the Monday 31/05 was when I started Full Time in a brand new team. Moving is such sweet sorrow.

I was excited, nervous, impressionable & anticipating to meet new colleagues. Being offered Full Time & being up-skilled in the team was definitely a positive for me- at the end of the day it adds into my resume 🙂

Although I was looking forward to move, I was also reluctant to leave my old team if it wasn’t for the fact that all of us got along so well. I was with them for 6 months, & half started together with me in training school- in fact one was in the interviews with me along from the start.

The Friday 27/05 we had our last get together (since before then, we always had ‘after work lunches/drinks’ when we finish at 12pm, now we finish at different times) Apart from myself & Carley that moved into Full Time in another team, Rachel- one of my BFF at work, moved to a different level in the Building. Lastly, Nihara chose to slave Full Time for ANZ instead of NAB lol. Nihara & I met at our agents. We were both fresh-faced, looking for a new start & thought we weren’t going to get the job. We went through every stage together & BAM! became fast friends at work. So there it was, a ‘celebratory’ tear-jerker Friday lunch/drinks at Cho Gaos.

Like little kids & pen pals, we promised each other to stay in touch no matter what & I am happy that everyone is moving forward in some way or the other…”Jia You everyone!”

I will miss you dearly but we will stay in touch! Goodluck to Nish & Will for their exams!

(Left to Right: Nish, William, Nihara, Arjun, Rachel, Fred, Myself)

So there it goes with my work life…then on Thurs 02/06, I went with my old team to Volunteer in Kitchen work at Fareshare in Richmond.

Fareshare is a non profit organization that has been rescuing food & fighting hunger in Melbourne since 2001. They receive no government funding & rely on the generosity of philanthropic organizations, companies & donations from the public to operate each year.

Basically we rotate in food preparation- in this case we cut dough for quiche base & diced ham & vegetables.

The canteen lady look is SUPER in.

So our shift was 1.15pm till 5pm. That one shift have helped prepare 2000 meals for Australians experiencing hardships & save up to 1,500 kg of food from big supermarket chains that would have otherwise gone to landfill although still usable.

Did you know that most people who experience hunger in Victoria are not always the homeless, they may be asylum seekers, single parents, have health problems or struggling financially.

We are part of the 3000 individuals that helped volunteer in Fareshare kitchens. They are currently looking to relocate to a bigger site in Richmond as well as a 2nd kitchen in Abbotsford.

Interested? Want to do what we did?? Here is how you can help!

 You can volunteer with your friends too by booking a date or put the idea forward to your company/workplace


or visit


Friday 03/06

Was Cirque du Soleil ‘Saltimbanco’ double date night.

“Saltimbanco -from the Italian “saltare in banco”, which literally means “to jump on a bench”-explores the urban experience in all its myriad forms: the people who live there, their idiosyncrasies and likenesses, families and groups, the hustle and bustle of the street and the towering heights of skyscrapers. Between whirlwind and lull, prowess and poetry, Saltimbanco takes spectators on an allegorical and acrobatic journey into the heart of the city.”

Unfortunately, G, David, Leanne & I rocked up 40 minutes late to the show because of Dinner at the Cosy Bar Hum Bug & faffing around at the convenience store for junk to bring to the show. And also since the Footy was on, we had no hope in finding parking close to Rod Laver Arena. THEN to make matters worse, we made a massive detour by foot..nonetheless the rest of the show made up for it.

Truly an amazing experience & I’ve got my ‘circus’ cherry popped! My favourite show was the ‘Boleadoras’

You can see them here 😀

Sorry I only managed to take one pic…apparently it wasn’t allowed lol.


Saturday 04/06

Morning, I went for my first Lazer Hair removal treatment 🙂 & NO it wasn’t for somewhere XXX ok!

For the girls, or guys interested or live around the area…

I do it at Hairfree Plus in Mount Waverley. It’s at the intersection of Blackburn & High St road.

Check out their website:

I had my underarms done, minimum of 6 sessions, but that can vary per person of course depending on how thick your hair is etc.

First session is $39, the the rest $55. I didn’t quite shop around for prices- I just wanted somewhere close to my home so it’s easier to travel etc, plus Hairplus has got awesome reviews & the good thing is, it is pay per session- not as a whole!

Call the number for a booking & when they ask you how you heard of them, mention ‘from friend & my name ‘Ellen Bambang’ for $25 off your first visit!!! You can then also refer YOUR friends & receive $25 off too for every friend that you referred.

After signing an agreement where they explain how it works etc & asking questions e.g if you have taken certain medications etc, they put cooling numbing cream on the area & zap away! It’s sharp but short pains, like hot rubber bands flung at you- trust me, I’m chicken shit with pain (that’s why I have a miniscule tat) & it is very bearable. 2 seconds of pain then nothing. If you have a tattoo done before, this is NOTHING. 🙂 And voila, the ‘zapping’ went on for only 2-3 minutes & you are done with one session.

Anyways, before I went, some friends seem to ask the same question. How much it costs to do it down there lol. Well $39 for first session, then $99 every next session (unless of course you refer someone)



Paid (literally) a visit to Afrojack at Prince in St Kilda.

For those House/Electro virgins, Afrojack is a Dutch music producer & DJ whose catchy addictive tunes made him an international sensation- particularly in Australia where he has recently performed in the Annual Music Festival ‘Stereosonics’ alongside other international DJs. He also topped the charts being No.19 on DJ Mags Top 100 DJs on 2010.

Some of his more commercial songs are:

So this was how it ended. 🙂

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