✮ The Red Fire Brigade ✮



Haven’t been out in a while, so the past 000 Emergency theme party at Bamboo really hit the spot for me.

That’s why I had an overwhelming urge to be super narc & take shots of myself with make-up! Sorry if you barfed in your mouth…

Went to a friend’s apartment at Freshwater place for first hand taste-test+ feedback on some new Alcohol which I hope he will soon mass produce!

SO we tasted about 20+ shots, from the usual regulars of Vodka to 2 different bottles of Whiskey, Schnapps, Rum & Brandy etc- whew!~

Got to BAMBOO where we mingled with fellow firemen, the awesome SWAT team & robbers, & then finished the night off at Chaplins in which I assumed is the VIP room thanks to baller Mr.Mo!

Thank you my beautiful, sexy & crazy girlies for being such team players & thank you to the peoples that made our night super awesome with the drinks etc

Oh BTW, we are NOT Santas 🙂

See you all next time at the next theme party!

2 thoughts on “✮ The Red Fire Brigade ✮

  1. did you know i vomited 3 times on the way home while you were passed out in the car? g had to keep pulling over hahahahaha good times, love you ❤

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