Samson ♥

Hey Everyone!

We have recently welcomed little Samson into our family of 4 on May 14, thanks to Charles & Roshali 🙂

Never thought I’ll be a cat person, but I’ve been converted! 🙂

Having Samson is like…a breath of fresh air. He’s so intriguing! If you were to compare dogs & cats to human beings, dogs are kind of ‘needy’, whereas cats are a lot more independent…right? Snobby? Kinda- they only give their affection to a select few. I like how Samson can amuse himself when I am or am not there. Unlike Potty (my beagle), he doesn’t vent his anxiety/boredom on wrecking the house- he would only scratch his scratch post. Cats are very easy to toilet train as well- luckily for us, he was given to us toilet trained already (can you believe his whole litter learnt it from their mother?! No human training at all!! How cute right?) So…a big sigh of relief there. I cringed remembering how frustrated I was when toilet training Potty (that’s why we called her that, because she poo-ed & pee-ed everywhere!)

Samson sleeps with us & I love hearing his soft purrs. He sits there quietly accompanying me while I am on the laptop in my room, or naps next to my laptop while I watch K-Drama…well sometimes he tries to hog my attention as you can see from the photos.

 I love Samson more & more each day & I can’t wait for my kid sis Delinda to see him too (she’s always wanted to have a pet) ❤

P.S: Samson was given to us as ‘Samson’ already & his grandma is a Birman cat! His back is currently dark chocolate but I think he is turning tabby judging from his undercoat & face, with black grey stripes. His coat is also longer than the normal short hair, but not shaggy long…so he is FREAKING FLUFFY CUTE I COULD DIE!!


Sometimes Samson sleeps with a Superman in flight pose.

Attention hog, sitting on my laptop while I’m watching my K-Drama


And Again


Btw this is Samson’s sister Pumpkin. She’s with Roshali & Charles 🙂

Will post of up more next time! 🙂


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